How to track statistics on subscription form events

When creating a subscription form using the SendPulse builder, you can enable statistics collection in Google Analytics 4. Monitor your traffic sources and analyze which channel is more effective.

In this article, we will talk about how to collect and track statistics in your SendPulse and Google Analytics 4 accounts.

Create subscription forms in your SendPulse account

In the Email tab, click Subscription forms.

To configure tracking statistics on events from an existing subscription form, click the name of the form in the list.

To create a new form and configure tracking statistics on events from it, click Create a new form.

Select a form template or a subscription form type.

Select a mailing list to which contacts from the subscription form will be transferred and move to the form builder.

Click Form options.

Go to the Analytics and statistics tab.

Enable collecting statistics for Google Analytics

Make sure the Analytics tag is set up on your site.

Enable the Send subscription event option for Google Analytics.

Subscription event statistics can be tracked by the parameters [eventCategory], [eventAction], [eventLabel].

You can also save the sources from which users and other UTM tags were converted to mailing lists. To do this, enable the Send utm tags and additional conversion information option.

SendPulse sends the specified parameters in the Universal Analytics format. Migration to Google Analytics 4 may require additional settings in the Analytics account.

Read more: [UA→GA4] Map Universal Analytics events and custom dimensions to Google Analytics 4.

Ensure that the subscription form settings are correct in other tabs and click Apply changes.

Edit the design of the subscription form, if necessary, and save the form.

Track your statistics in Google Analytics

On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data, and support for Analytics 360 properties will only continue until July 1, 2024. The supported and recommended version is Google Analytics 4.

Log in to your Google Analytics account.

On the Realtime overview page, you can see the number of visitors over the last 30 minutes and the devices from which users land on your site.

To see detailed statistics on click-throughs and user sessions, go to Reports > Life Cycle > Acquisition > Traffic acquisition.

In Acquisition > User acquisition, you can view your users’ demographic data.

The metrics in both sections are built on similar principles. To evaluate your user interactions with Sendpulse Email Form, set Session source as your key parameter.

In the Engagement > Events tab, you can also view form interaction data by the form_start event name.

You can customize the output of all the metrics you want on the Reports snapshot page. For example, you can display metrics with data on traffic sources, campaign tags, and user geolocation and then move on to detailed analysis in the relevant sections.

To customize the metrics to be displayed, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Google Analytics metrics can display different data depending on the settings. Check out the Google Analytics 4 documentation to better navigate the service settings.

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