How to re-send an unread campaign

After sending a campaign and viewing the statistics, you may notice that many of your subscribers are not opening your emails.

The Unread Mailing feature allows you to send a follow-up email to a subscriber who did not open your previous email.

Segmented campaigns to multiple mailing lists

If you send campaigns to several mailing lists, you can use segmentation to contact all unreads at once. Simply use a segmented mailing list to send a campaign to subscribers who did not open a previous campaign from all of your lists.

Start creating a mailing list, select another mailing list to check for unreads. Then, select the segment Did not open recent emails and select the campaign.

Make sure there is a minimum one-day gap between the sending dates of your segmented campaign and your main campaign.

Next, create a campaign with the same segment for your other mailing lists.

Automatic re-send

You can set up automatic re-sending to unreads at the last step of creating a campaign. The option is only available if you sending the campaign to a single mailing list.

Send emails to unread option

You can select the Send emails to unread option after you have sent a campaign, if you sent it to a single mailing list.

The first step will duplicate the data of the previously sent campaign and mailing list with only one change: in the specified mailing list, a segment will be automatically created with the email addresses of customers who have not opened the email. This segment will receive the «New” campaign.

If necessary, you can change the campaign’s subject line or sender address.

The second step of creating a campaign includes the content of the email that you sent earlier. If necessary, you can edit the text or layout and send an updated message to your subscribers.

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