How to connect Google Analytics to your site

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You can connect Google Analytics to analyze traffic on your site and receive additional statistics for analysis.

To connect the service, you need to insert the Google Analytics metric ID into the SendPulse analytics settings. In the article, we will go over where to find your metric IDr and the setting itself.

Create a new data stream

Create a Google Analytics account, then add a resource and data flow for a Web source.

Enter the URL of the monitored site and its name.

Click Create Stream.

Read more on how to set up Google Analytics for your site and how to create and customize a goal.

Get an ID

After creating a stream, you will immediately see the details for that stream.

If you've created one before, you can go back through Administrator > Data Streams and click on the created stream to open the details.

Copy the web stream ID.

Insert an ID into SendPulse

Go to the site settings in the Analytics tab. Below Google Analytics, enter the ID and click Connect.

Transfer your goals

Once you connect your ID, you can transfer your goals from the following widgets: Subscription Form, Course Authorization, Payment, and Button.

In Google Analytics, a goal is a specific user action taken on a website (conversion), for example, clicking a button, making a purchase, or entering personal data. You can view them in the Events section of your analytics.

Read more in the Google Analytics documentation.

You can transfer goals from your SendPulse-based website automatically. Go to the website builder, find or add the required widget, and click Analytics settings on the widget settings panel.

Turn on the Transfer the goal to Google Analytics toggle, and enter your data in the Category, Action, and Label fields — these parameters will be transferred to Google Analytics.

You can view your goal statistics in Google Analytics in the Events section. The information you entered in the Category widget field will be displayed as your event name. Click it to see more details (action and label).

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