How to set up notifications about new leads using webhooks

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Webhooks are an HTTP method that allows you to quickly notify the server about changes in the source database and trigger further processing of the information received.

With SendPulse, you can set up webhook delivery when a user gives their contact information using a pop-up form. This type of user request and connected database record is called a qualified marketing lead or, simply, a lead.

After obtaining lead data from a pop-up, the SendPulse CRM adds it to the Contacts section and a relevant mailing list (if you select the “Save to a mailing list” option when setting up your pop-up).

The system can also send data to your CRM, Google spreadsheet, email address, or messaging platform. To do this, you need to use webhooks and have an external service to process their notifications.

Let's talk about how to send webhooks and what information about leads can be sent this way.

Adding a URL to receive webhooks

To receive webhooks, you only need an external service URL that will receive notifications. Copy this URL.

Select a project that collects the data you need. Go to Settings, and select the Integrations section. Click the + Add Webhook URL button. Paste the URL of your service into the field that opens.

There are also two advanced options available:

Send lead creation data The system will send you data about lead creation gathered by your pop-up form. If you select this option without the next one, it will only send information about newly created leads.
Update lead activity data The system will send you updates about your leads’ activity. If you select this option without the previous one, it will only update the information sent earlier.

Select an option, and click Save.

Webhook data format

When the user gives their contact info using your popup, SendPulse adds them to the CRM system and sends a POST request to the specified URL address as a string in JSON format.

Example of sent notification:


Data you can transfer via webhooks

Webhooks contain basic data about generated leads:

email Email address entered by the user (if any)
phone Phone number in international format entered by the user (if any)
name Lead name. If not specified by the user, it matches the phone number or email address
createdAt Date and time of the event that caused webhook sending
actionType Event type that caused webhook sending. For example, create for creating a lead

Webhooks can also contain the variables object that passes data about each variable collected using filled-in pop-up form fields: ID in database, name, contents, and type. Variables are optional — their number and names depend on the number of fields and your pop-up target action.

Variables that can be passed in the object:

Name Description Type
email Email address entered by the user (if any) email
phone Phone number in international format entered by the user (if any) phone
name User name string
nickname User nickname string
location Specified user location string
company Company name string
birthday Date of birth string

Planned upgrades

SendPulse is constantly upgrading its services and adding new integration possibilities. Soon, we will provide the option to send webhooks when a lead session is updated. You can configure the processing of these parameters by your CRM in advance.

Data that webhooks will also contain:

referrer URL from which the user came to your site
userAgent String identifying the client application (browser) of the user
term Indication of the transition type
content Text specified in the corresponding page tag
utmMedium Name of the transition channel
pages Dataset of the last page visited
events Recent event
isActive Returns the value of whether the user is currently active on your site
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