How to Send an Email about an Abandoned Cart

Create an event and an automation flow to automatically send reminders to customers about their abandoned carts.

How to create an event

In the "Automations" section click "Events Manager"

Click "Add new event."

Select "Custom event" and specify the event name.

Click "Add variable."

Specify the variable name, for example, products.

Select "Structure" as the variable type.

Add variables to the structure, for example, name, id, price.

Specify the correct type for each variable: string, number, or date.

Click "Add" to save the event.

You can insert the variables from events into an email template or SMS. 

After you add an event, the unique URL or ID will be generated for you.

Configure sending the data from the site to the generated URL by one of the POST methods. It is configured on the site back end.

How to Create an Automation Flow

In the "Automations" section click "Create new automation."

Specify the information about the flow: automation flow name, the sender name and email address, time and days for sending, the unsubscribe form language.

Click "Apply."

On the constructor page, select the event that you created before. It will start the flow.

Create the automation flow you need. Let's say an email will be sent first. To do this, drag the "Email" element to the editor field. 

Specify how soon after the event is triggered to send the email.

Type the subject line.

Select an email template. You can use the variables that you specified when creating the event in the template.

The example of the code of a table with variables:

<td><a href="/{{item.url}}"><img src="/{{item.img_url}}" alt="{{}}"></a></td>
<p><a href="/{{item.url}}"><strong>{{}}</strong></a></p>
<p><strong>ID: {{}}</strong></p>
<p><strong>{{item.price}} РУБ.</strong></p>
<p>Размер: <strong>{{item.size}}</strong></p>
<p>Количество: <strong>{{item.count}}</strong></p>

Click "Apply" to save the data.

Let's send an SMS reminder if the client does not open the email. But if the email is opened, the next email should be sent (for example with a discount offer).

To do this, select the "Condition" block and drag it under the "Email" block. Do not forget to connect the blocks.

Set up the "Condition" block.

Specify the condition itself — in this case, it is Open," and the time between sending the email and triggering the event. We will choose one day. This means that if after one day the client received, but did not open the email (or vice versa opened it), the "Condition" triggers and another message will be sent to them.

Add the "Email" block under "yes," and "SMS" under "no."

Fill in the SMS and email blocks.

You can construct an unlimited number of such blocks.

Click "Save and launch" to save and launch the flow.

Click "Save and exit" to save the flow without launching it.

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